Printers becoming Passé

The biggest part of document management is, to no surprise whatsoever, dealing with actual physical paper. While we’ve heard rumors about a “paperless office” but take a look at the office around you and, well, there’s probably paper. But there’s hope for the future, even if it does add some new twists on how you […]

Hopefully, this isn’t happening to you.

When confronted with proper document management, many people are at a loss. It’s not like anyone is born with the knowledge of what to keep, what to store, what to shred, and what to move off-site for now. The good news is that we here at Montana Records Management can save you from something like […]

Taking No Chances

What to Look For When Finding the Best Shredding Service for Your Business On-Site and Off-Site Shredding are the two types of services available to businesses seeking to shred outdated, vulnerable documents and files. Off-Site Shredding is a common service that organizations use to alleviate clutter and dispose of used and out-dated documents. This is […]

HIPAA compliant

MRM staff are members of ARMA, NAID, PRISM.

I am pleased to announce that Iron Mountain Information Management, LLC. (NYSE: IRM) has recently acquired the Records Management of Montana Records Management, LLP. Please let this letter serve as both official notification of the change in ownership and as a warm welcome to Iron Mountain.