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Printers becoming Passé

The biggest part of document management is, to no surprise whatsoever, dealing with actual physical paper. While we’ve heard rumors about a “paperless office” but take a look at the office around you and, well, there’s probably paper. But there’s hope for the future, even if it does add some new twists on how you deal with document management.

Midsize Insider posted a great article about idea:

Printers Becoming Passé
Talk about doing away with paper in business operations became widespread as soon as computers became a common feature of the office desk. But for many years, the paperless office of tomorrow seemed to be going the way of monorails, personal jetpacks, and regular scheduled moon flights.
If anything, the computerized office only seemed to generate more paper. Reports became easier to produce, so more of them were generated. And printers could churn out a dozen copies almost as easy as one. On the flip side, sitting down at someone else’s desk to read something onscreen was clumsy in multiple ways. Even interoffice email was less convenient than just walking a copy over.(read more here)

With the advent of tablets and smartphones in the workplace, the need for paper is dropping, but this doesn’t reduce the need for good document management. No matter what tools you have, the goal is still keeping the information collected and created by your organization safe and secure, and Montana Records Management is dedicated to that cause.

I am pleased to announce that Iron Mountain Information Management, LLC. (NYSE: IRM) has recently acquired the Records Management of Montana Records Management, LLP. Please let this letter serve as both official notification of the change in ownership and as a warm welcome to Iron Mountain.