Mobile Shredding and Document Storage Services for Montana

Inside Montana Records Managment's secure warehouseWelcome to Montana Records Management, LLP. We are Montana’s premier records management facility offering mobile shredding service, secure document storage, and more! MRM is a locally owned and operated organization offering clients across Montana a full slate of document management services.


  • 30,000 square feet of secure hard copy storage space
  • Certified on-site paper shredding and document disposal service
  • Twice daily tape rotation service
  • Box and file pickup and delivery services
  • Professional consulting


From a one man operation in the back of a warehouse in 1994, Montana Records Management, LLP (MRM) has become the leader in information management and security. Anyone can store vital and important records. The difference between our records center and a storage facility is service, state-of-the-art security, and peace of mind knowing your records are safe and protected in an environment created just for storing paper and magnetic records.

HIPAA compliant

MRM staff are members of ARMA, NAID, PRISM.

I am pleased to announce that Iron Mountain Information Management, LLC. (NYSE: IRM) has recently acquired the Records Management of Montana Records Management, LLP. Please let this letter serve as both official notification of the change in ownership and as a warm welcome to Iron Mountain.