Paper Shredding Services at Montana Records Management

Why Use MRM Shredding Services?

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA or FACT Act) is a fairly new law designed to reduce the risk of consumer fraud and identity theft created by improper disposal of consumer information. It applies to every person and business in the United States. It requires destruction of all consumer information before it is disposed of. Document, Data & Paper Shredding is the most reliable and economical way to keep proprietary information from getting into the wrong hands. Find out more about FACTA and other compliancy laws.


Montana Records Management, LLP (MRM) will supply your place of business with locking storage bins or consoles that fit in with your office furniture. You and your staff can feel confident that the material placed in the bins will stay there until our truck arrives on your schedule. At that time, the material will be shredded at your location. Our hands-free operation will guarantee confidentiality.

What to Look For in a Shredding Service Company?

Ask if they are NAID Certified, and if they say they are, ask for a copy of the certification. For many years, NAID was allowing companies to be a member of NAID without the company being certified in any of the certifiable services they offered. They soon found out that companies were telling prospective customers that yes, they were a member of NAID. They weren’t lying, they just weren’t telling the whole truth. Why use a NAID certified destruction contractor? As part of the only organization dedicated to increasing the security and ethics of the information destruction industry, certified NAID members are bound to a strict code of conduct.

Why Use an Information Destruction Contractor?

In-house document and paper shredding is a slow and cumbersome task that will not handle large volumes. Employees may circumvent the process and leave your information vulnerable to theft and exposure. MRM is committed to the safe and speedy destruction and disposal of documents that your company deserves. We can handle over 5,000 lbs. per hour of paper, notebooks, discs, and tapes. No need to pull staples and paperclips—our machine will shred those, too!

Labor Efficiency and Cost Control

Document destruction is not HIPAA compliant unless the destruction process is done by an access employee under guidelines of your organization’s destruction policy. Do you have such a policy in place? We can help. Expand your staff without adding salaries, benefits, or continuing education to your budget. Your internal staff concentrates on improving your business, while we provide the professional record services you require.

Rather than use expensive office space and staff time, or tying up your assets in a warehouse or special equipment, put MRM on your team. Teaming up with us frees you to concentrate on what you do best … leaving us to manage your information in the most effective manner.

The alternative is to do it on your own. Potential severe penalties await violators who don’t shred at all. Fines for violators vary anywhere from $1000 up to $1,000,000 for statutory damages. Courts are also authorized to award punitive damages in either an individual suit or a class action suit, plus reasonable attorneys’ fees. The federal government can bring an action in federal district court for up to $2,500 in penalties for each independent violation of the FACTA rule! Find out more about fines and penalties.

How Scheduled On-Site Shredding Works

  • We provide collection containers for your confidential materials, free of charge! Or you can use your own.
  • On a schedule that fits your needs—weekly, bimonthly, or monthly—MRM will arrive in a timely manner to destroy and dispose of your purged materials.
  • We offer proration on bins that are only partially full. The smaller the office, the more economical the service (the less you have, the less it costs).
  • Afterward, you receive documentation to establish that you are complying with the new privacy requirements.

HIPAA compliant

MRM staff are members of ARMA, NAID, PRISM.

I am pleased to announce that Iron Mountain Information Management, LLC. (NYSE: IRM) has recently acquired the Records Management of Montana Records Management, LLP. Please let this letter serve as both official notification of the change in ownership and as a warm welcome to Iron Mountain.