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What to Look For When Finding the Best Shredding Service for Your Business

On-Site and Off-Site Shredding are the two types of services available to businesses seeking to shred outdated, vulnerable documents and files. Off-Site Shredding is a common service that organizations use to alleviate clutter and dispose of used and out-dated documents. This is when the shredding company comes to your office or home to gather unwanted files and take them to the shredding location to be properly destroyed.  Off-Site Shredding companies typically also allow for businesses to bring their documents to the actual shredding service location to be disposed of accordingly.

On-site paper shredding services are a convenient and preferred way for businesses to dispose of expired yet vital information. On-site paper shredding companies arrive at an office and collect the documents; they are brought to the truck where they are securely shredded by a trained professional. The on-site or mobile shredding process is reassuring as most companies will allow you to view the document destruction process. Some trucks even have closed-circuit monitors mounted on the truck and allow customers to observe the shredding process first hand. This service is a great way for an organization to feel confident that its once vulnerable information has been properly eliminated.

Proven, professional and dependable service should be the bottom-line standard of a shredding company when you are doing your research. Take the time to research a company’s credentials and ensure that its employees are properly trained, uniformed with ID tags, and have current drug and background checks completed, and ask for references if you want them.

It is a responsibility of every organization to ensure that it is practicing proper recycling and trash disposal procedures. Approximately 16 trees are saved for every 2,000 lbs. of paper that is recycled. Using a paper document shredding service is a proactive method that organizations should recognize as socially responsible and beneficial in conserving the earth’s natural resources. Like any important decision, take the time to make a correct one with a document destruction service that will take care of your needs, as well as those of the environment.


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